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Learning from George

An essay-memoir about Shakespeare & Company, George Whitman, Paris, and that whole world … Learning from George by Adrian Hornsby, published by Paravion Press, 2015 see more …

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Moko & Loupe

with music by s i n k written and directed by Adrian Hornsby Watch the film (18 mins), or the Youtube trailer (45 sec) ABOUT MOKO & LOUPE Moko & Loupe is a short comic film about friendship at the frayed ends … Continue reading

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Paris your plughole is up! Sink le mini tour!

après moi le déluge et le déluge tombe dans le sink à Paris Saturday 8th Nov, 5pm :: Tumbleweed Music sink play Shakespeare & Co., 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 5e later on Saturday 8th Nov, 7.30pm :: Sink the Jazzbar … Continue reading

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Two Scintillae (regarding three Italian girls, a Japanese monk, and the nature of enlightenment)

This afternoon on the corner of Bermondsey Street I saw three Italian girls, all looking at maps on their phones. Each was turning her phone to orientate the map better to the street, but at the same time, the phone … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Mike Dineen

Mike Dineen passed away last Thursday. In productions I was involved in, Mike played the judge in Earth in Paris and Amsterdam, and 3 in the Châteaudun performance of Part 2 of Three Parts — the first public performance of a … Continue reading

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Reading over China-related notes (poking at As Big As The Sky), some interesting connections suggested themselves among the papers paving my study floor. 1. In Ming dynasty China, a bill proclaiming legally stipulated punishments: 80 blows for striking another so … Continue reading

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In ancient Roman households

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Moko & Loupe London screening

The inimitable Tim Vincent-Smith and the incogitable Quinn Comendant star in … here’s the trailer: To be screened in London for one night only! With live music from s i n k and special guests Alabaster DePlume and Timothy Victor’s Folk Orchestra. MOKO & LOUPE LONDON SCREENING Saturday 30 … Continue reading

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Bookstore Kitchen Quips

What’s the difference between a bagel and a Robbe-Grillet novel? Once you’ve finished a bagel, the hole in the middle’s gone! What’s the difference between a hot dog and a Burroughs novel? If you cut up a hot dog, it … Continue reading

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My clocks is wrong

PH was staying with his daughter when he remarked she should, ‘Get a decent telly — one where the sound and programme are synchronised.’ He wandered through into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and looking up at … Continue reading

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