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Mr. Comendant joined Kilometer Zero in 2001 and is responsible for identifying and glueing together unnoticed tears in reality. He also operates Strangecode and Wheeled Migration from the safety of metaphorical mountaintops.

Our Nation’s Keepers

Today is California’s primary election for 2014, including on its ballot a surreal motley of aspirational elects and quaint jesters. You’ll find the indispensable republican businessmen competing for Governor against such hopefuls as a poet, a golf course operator, a ‘psychologist/farmer,’ and a security guard.

The following quotes have been copied verbatim from the list of priorities submitted to elections officials by the candidates: Continue reading

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Deepest passion since childhood

Hi Sir,

I have been reading your posts on your website KMZ and learnt that you have programmed for Porn Studios in Budapest.

Sir, I am an indian moving to Budapest to find a job in porn industry as it is my deepest passion since childhood. I am writing to you to know how easy  or difficult is it for a male to get into porn in Budapest.

I would be highly grateful if you could take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule and guide me.

Thanks & Regards


In this email we received last week HM refers to Mechanics of Porn, published in KMZ Issue 03 in 2002. In eleven years this is the only response we’ve received. HM is a diligent man to have found the article – you won’t find it googling ‘porn industry’. It seems appropriate to reply to ask,  Continue reading

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Human sexuality infographics

An attempt at simplifying human relationships by friends after eating bowls of cabbage soup.

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Grizzly faces and fundraisers

Information is Beautiful has a graphic showing just how much more successful Wikipedia’s “personal appeal” banner ad has been over more traditional banners with mere slogans: a lot more. The banner with Jimmy Wales’s grizzly face earned Wikipedia $47,433 per day—fifteen times as much as the next most successful banner, “Admit it- without Wikipedia, you never could have finished that report.”

Wikipedia performed dozens of tests comparing the donations generated by various slogans in different countries and languages, even going so far as to test between familiar and polite forms of personal pronouns (Dutch: jou vs. u). You may find the raw data from Wikipedia’s banner tests useful for your own campaigns.

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Turf Feinz

Some neighborhoods of Oakland California have an apocalyptic demeanor – emptiness, decay, squalor – but instead of zombies they have street dancers. Turfing is an improvised storytelling dance executed with stupefying precision by some of Oakland’s impassioned youth. One group of friends who dance together, Turf Feinz, has gotten the world’s attention thanks to cheap HD video cameras and the visual wrecking crew named YAK Films, who’s work with youth in urban America is the best kind of heroic viagra dosierung.

This video, “RIP Rich D,” is performed by Turf Feinz members No Noize (red jacket), Man (black jacket), BJ (striped shirt), and Dreal (white shirt) as an elegy for Dreal’s brother who died in a car accident at this intersection the day before. It is the second of three “RIP” films produced by YAK about youth killed in the neighborhood – one a victim of a gun shot, one a police shooting, one wreckless driving – stories of the premature demise of urban youth told through the intense physical processing of dance.

See Turf Feinz’s other films here. And for a lighter side of street dance don’t miss this one!

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A Blogroll for KMZ

To bring focus to KMZ’s new blog and its wayward authors, I’ve suggested we assemble a list of other blogs we hold in high esteem as examples to follow here. I’ve listed mine below, in no conscious order. Each has a unified voice despite being generalized and diverse but not scattered. They’re inspiring to me and my KMZ.

  • Never Yet Melted, an assortment of smart oddities and amazements.
  • Seth Godin’s relentless flood of reality checks.
  • Collision Detection is a collection of offbeat research and musings by science/culture writer Clive Thompson
  • The Resist Network showcase of art beyond the gallery walls includes artworks of social justice and activism.
  • Sociological Images are a collection of compelling visuals that span the breadth of sociological inquiry.
  • Ironic Sans is the mental playground of photographer David Friedman.
  • we make money not art is a blog that focuses on the intersection between art, science and social issues.
  • F.A.T. (Free Art and Technology) is an anarchist art collective “dedicated to enriching the public domain one mutha-fuckin LOL at a time.”
  • Ok, so The Yes Men are who I want to be reincarnated as. Their public theatrics are huge. <3!
  • Improv Everywhere are masters of large-scale antics.
  • Art of the Prank is a healthy dose of pranks, hoaxes, culture jamming and reality hacking.
  • Speculative fiction at Brain Harvest
  • Strange bits of science at David Disalvo’s Brainspin
  • Breakfast in Europe is just delightful in its simplicity and charm of content.
  • Though such technical writing may not be appropriate for KMZ Eric Johnson’s Primate Diaries gets on this list because of its anarchist tendencies. He’s thumbed his nose at the establishment ( and taken his blog in exile.

What are your virtual intellectual lustings?

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Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks

Scholars apologize for attributing Western democracy to a make-believe civilization.

WASHINGTON—A group of leading historians held a press conference Monday at the National Geographic Society to announce they had “entirely fabricated” ancient Greece, a culture long thought to be the intellectual basis of Western civilization.

The group acknowledged that the idea of a sophisticated, flourishing society existing in Greece more than two millennia ago was a complete fiction created by a team of some two dozen historians, anthropologists, and classicists who worked nonstop between 1971 and 1974 to forge “Greek” documents and artifacts.

“Honestly, we never meant for things to go this far,” said Professor Gene Haddlebury, who has offered to resign his position as chair of Hellenic Studies at Georgetown University. “We were young and trying to advance our careers, so we just started making things up: Homer, Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates, the lever and fulcrum, rhetoric, ethics, all the different kinds of columns—everything.”

Continue reading

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Parisian Street Artist JR

[vimeo 9765519]

Parisian Street Artist JR takes Ted Prize | Neu Black.

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The Secret Powers of Time

YouTube – RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time.

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Russian Children Under The Influence Of Social Networks

Even the smallest ones – the preschool children are all into social networking – they have made some handicraft stuff devoted to their favorite Russian facebook-type social network accounts. BTW “Vkontakte” is the biggest social network throughout Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia – it numbers nearly 81,5 million accounts.


English Russia » Russian Children Under The Influence Of Social Networks.

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