Wingdale Community Singers

Kilometer Zero favourite Hannah Marcus is loved for mesmerizing solo albums such as Desert Farmers and Black Hole Heaven; more recently, however, she’s been pouring her energies into a musical side project, the literate and lyrical folk group The Wingdale Community Singers. Their new CD Spirit Duplicator is good, damn good, and we highly recommend you purchase it, either by contacting Scarlet Shame Records here:

Or visiting the longest of Long Tail shopping sites, Amazon here:

And, for more about The Wingdale Community Singers, you can read a bit and listen a bunch here:

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(Of course, it must be said, that for we fans who have been clamouring for more Hannah Marcus solo material, this is kind of like craving a nice plate of lightly steamed asparagus and getting served a decent bowl of asparagus and mushroom soup instead. And, even worse, when you look at the package of soup, there isn’t even a picture of asparagus on it! But, still, it will do, because it’s all we have of Hannah for the moment, and little Hannah Marcus is better than a lot of most other musicians … )

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