Nook is Tim Vincent-Smith’s business of the art of being and doing as Tim Vincent-Smith does and is. Nook projects include seats made out of pianos, beds made out of driftwood trees, trousers made out of ties, and a portrait of Timothy Hornsby as The Nightwatchman painted on a piece of plyboard pulled up from under some Scot’s kitchen floor. This is what nook had to say about itself:

“Martine Bedin designs what she likes, not what the customer wants, because the customer does not know and could never explain, just as she cannot explain what she will do until she has done it. A designer, she thinks, is a sort of peaceful terrorist, who creates what nobody expects, what nobody could forsee: that is the whole point of originality.”
—An Intimate History of Humanity, Theodore Zeldin

See images at or nook’s flickr

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