Amphibian Ball

Amphibian ball is a brand new sport combining the best of football, water polo and Peruvian mud wrestling. Run like a cheetah — swim like a sea snake — clamber like a frog — in a thrilling hurricane of passion and guile.

Amphibian ball is played in a swimming pool filled with a suspension of cornflour in water. The suspended starch particles present players with a Non-Newtonian shear thickening fluid: under slow pressure, the suspension flows like a liquid; under impact, it stiffens like brittle rock. This allows a sprinting amphiballer, with his feet pounding the surface, to tear up and down the pool as though it were a beach. Conversely, stationary players will sink slowly. Through a kind of hybrid of swimming and crawling, others may steal into position. Watch out — the fluid’s opacity can help the cunning amphiballer to lurk like a crocodile, with only his nostrils visible, before suddenly rising up to score like a Leviathan-Pele.

To find out more about amphibian ball, or to see where you can play near you, contact us through this website. Alternatively, start your own local league and register with the Fédération Internationale d’Amphibian Ball Association (FIABA). Amphibian ball is a licenced innovation of Kilometer Zero, and can only be played with an official Kilometer Zero Running Eye Eyeball.

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