Ultrashort Short For Television: Shopping with Friction

Saturday afternoon at Borough Market, London. The marketplace is swarming with young good-looking people clutching oval loaves of stoneground bread, slabs of raw chocolate, violet cauliflower heads etc.. They are all rubbing up against each other as they press through the crowd. The camera is following a YOUNG MAN with dark curly hair in red jeans and a baseball t-shirt that reads “REVOLUTION TOMORROW / PARTY TODAY”. Approaching in the opposite direction are two HOT GIRLS with sunglasses on their heads. They have thin noses, glossy lips, and are both chewing gum. As they come toward the YOUNG MAN their conversation rises up out of the babble.

HOT GIRL 1: So basically he broke into my flat —

HOT GIRL 2: Oh my god!

HOT GIRL 1: While I was in the shower —


HOT GIRL 1: And then basically

The YOUNG MAN turns his head and makes eye contact with HOT GIRL 1. She pauses in her sentence, and the two gaze at each other as the crowd pushes them forward in opposite directions. Their bodies are crushed together, then slide past one another. HOT GIRL 1 closes her eyes and bites down on her gum while keeping her lips parted (close up slow mo on her mouth). The crowd presses them on in opposite directions, and they are carried apart.

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