The Chinese Dream

The London launch of the redoubtably fat Chinese Dream, held in the library of the devastatingly swankAthanaeum.
2 December 2008, 18.30–21.00

The Chinese Dream n.

1. individual prosperity within a modern urban setting
2. continuing Party-led ascent toward superpowerdom (preferably with moon landings)
3. 784 page hardcover anatomizing China’s breakneck rise, and bearing witness to a society under construction


a society under construction

Neville Mars, Adrian Hornsby and the DCF
010 Publishers, 2008
784 pages, full colour, hardcover
price € 49.50
ISBN 978 90 6450 652 9

What if you built the whole mass of western europe in 20 years?
What if 400 million farmers then moved in?
What would it look like? how would it work?
Would you be able to go to sleep at night?
And if you did, would you dream of somewhere else …?

To find the answers to these and much beyond go to BURB.TV
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 323  325  316

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