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One Another

Books have always been comfortable camouflage for me. A novel in your pocket is a superpower; pull it out and you’re transformed from awkward misfit to contented savant. The same goes for a notebook and pen and don’t get me … Continue reading

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Bacteria—Genome—Baby Boy

The image (see image right) shows a colony of Bacillus subtilis. Each of the little grains is one bacterium, with the striae of colour denoting the various lineages present, which express different fluorescent proteins. Initially the scientists had them all … Continue reading

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Christmas Cake Sky Burial

Ok. 2011. Let’s get the heck on with it.

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Turf Feinz

Some neighborhoods of Oakland California have an apocalyptic demeanor – emptiness, decay, squalor – but instead of zombies they have street dancers. Turfing is an improvised storytelling dance executed with stupefying precision by some of Oakland’s impassioned youth. One group of … Continue reading

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Ceci N’est Pas un Pipe

Years ago, a Japanese inflight magazine did a series of interviews with writers and publishers set up around the idea of fiction vs. non-fiction. One of the people interviewed  was a publisher of delectable art books featuring nature who maintained … Continue reading

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The Chinese Dream

The London launch of the redoubtably fat Chinese Dream, held in the library of the devastatingly swankAthanaeum. 2 December 2008, 18.30–21.00 The Chinese Dream n. 1. individual prosperity within a modern urban setting 2. continuing Party-led ascent toward superpowerdom (preferably with … Continue reading

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