Have Bike, Will Shoot

This Lynchesque shot is one of a series of photographs by Quinn Comendant that will be featured in the Bike Equals Art exhibit at the Ray Ray Gallery in Chico, California.

As many know, Quinn is one of the mysterious minds behind Wheeled Migration, a bicycle advocacy group that arranges bike treks on the West Coast of the U.S of A. And, he’s also got a kicking Flickr feed. So, this exhibition was a natural for the fella.

The show opens today so if you’re within 200 kilometers of Chico, try to check it out. Otherwise, three more pics and the very cool exhibition poster after the jump.

About Jeremy Mercer

Jeremy Mercer is an author and translator who lives in in the Luberon with his fiancée, two children, five cats, two chickens, ten fish, and one pregnant dog. He is currently on the market for a cheap horse. More at http://www.jeremymercer.net
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