I have invented and am now promulgating a new emoticon — a lower case “o” in parentheses:


The emoticon essentially means “I’m using my smartphone on the can”, and is a ideograph for a toilet seat (see image).

Here are a few sample chats using (o):

PIM: What’s up? Where r u?
BOM: (o)
PIM: :)

BOM: Hey!
PIM: Hey! What’s going on?
BOM: (o)
PIM: No kidding! Again? Lucky u
BOM: Yeah i know. How about u? (o)?
PIM: I wish. Just watching tv
BOM: It’ll come
PIM: Peace
BOM: L8r

PIM: In Steve Reich concert
BOM: Huh. Good?
PIM: Great! But I now wanna (o) and no idea if the piece is about to finish or go on for another hour
PIM: Keeps repeating, you know?
PIM: Now the people around me are giving me evils
BOM: >:)
PIM: Yeah!
BOM: Zen it out
PIM: Ttyl
BOM: Bye

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