Sonnet for Sylvia

by Martin Lewis

I frame this verse, in somewhat antique style,
For thee, Miranda open-eyed and bright,
The sole lady of thine enchanted isle
Now Prospero hath sailed into the night:

And both to him, and thee, I offer thanks
For that haven of fellowship and art
He conjur’d up on swift Sequana’s banks
By Notre Dame, Lutetia’s very heart.

In thy heart also may there ever dwell
The humane passion that thy father proved,
And strength besides, to live that passion well
And love the calling as he also loved.

Fight, like Sir George, with reason and with rhyme
The dragons of this calibanic time!

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One Response to Sonnet for Sylvia

  1. Martin Lewis says:

    Aparrantly there are those who think this poem is by Adrian; whereas – although he could easily have written it, and probably better – it is actually by me (Martin Lewis). Unless, of course, you hate it: in which case forget this comment, and blame Hornsby.

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