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On Niche Annoyances and Traffic Circle Fountains

Fountain Circle by Seth Lemmons. CC 2.0 License.

What’s the Big Deal? (Fountain Circle by Seth Lemmons. CC 2.0 License)

My favourite crossword blogger, Rex Parker, recently went on a rant about how crossword puzzles depicted in film and television are often completely spurious. Fictitious grids are written into scripts and rarely respect the rules of crossword or clue construction. As result, something that escapes the notice of the vast majority of observers incites disdain and outrage from the devoted few who care about such things.

I find these sort of niche annoyances fascinating because they are a window onto foreign worlds of passion and knowledge. This is why I was so tickled when my friend, the water artist Pierre Luu, went on a tirade against the placement of fountains in traffic circles. Personally, I’d liked to see water spouting about as I drove past. What could be the problem? Continue reading

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Moko & Loupe

with music by s i n k
written and directed by Adrian Hornsby
Watch the film (18 mins), or the Youtube trailer (45 sec)

Moko & Loupe is a short comic film about friendship at the frayed ends of a world that’s coming undone. It was written by Adrian Hornsby for Tim Vincent-Smith and Quinn Comendant, and filmed together in London and the Isle of Sheppey in 2012. It premiered with s i n k performing the music live in the Summerhall Old Anatomy Theatre, Edinburgh in 2013. Many live screenings have followed.

s i n k is an acoustic improvising trio of accordion (Daniil Dumnov), violin (Tim Vincent-Smith), and saxophones (Matt Wright). The music for Moko & Loupe is to an original sink score — part composed, part chance. Tim Lane plays the sansula. Continue reading

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Sound Mirror


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Moko & Loupe London screening

The inimitable Tim Vincent-Smith and the incogitable Quinn Comendant star in … here’s the trailer:

To be screened in London for one night only! With live music from s i n k and special guests Alabaster DePlume and Timothy Victor’s Folk Orchestra.

Saturday 30 November, 8.30pm
Tea House Theatre, 139 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HL

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Harmonograph (with an Indian love brick)

A harmonograph is Continue reading

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As Big As The Sky

A sneak-peek preview of an excerpt from new opera As Big As The Sky plays to the sneaky-peekers of Zwolle. Composition Arnoud Noordegraaf; libretto Adrian Hornsby.

Excerpt Preview
3-4 March 2011, 20.30
Odeon Theatre, Zwolle, Netherlands
full production scheduled for 2012

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A Team Of Sea Horses In A Sea Of Coal Do Battle With Wasps Over The Body Of A Moth Before A Lead Sky (Cetus–Andromeda–Perseus)

379 378 380

Art from Adrian Hornsby. Visit full interactive web gallery to revel for seconds in flicking the switches yourself.

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A.M. is a love story about sound.

Yoshi, a recent college drop-out, is obsessed with recording the secret music of Tokyo at night. He’s also obsessed with pink cakes, clementine peel, the disappearance of time, women’s breasts, and the silence directed at him by his father. Riding a torrent of thoughts, he goes out with a contact microphone to feel for the hidden echoes and reverberations stored within the bodies of vending machines.

Kyoko, a girl from Hokkaido, is wandering the city in search of her adult self. Caught between introversion and a desire to be understood, she feels oddly adrift within her own body. Ever since a childhood illness affected her hearing, she has been haunted by the sound of a woman singing — a beautiful voice coming from nowhere, but seemingly trapped behind glass, without air, without sound …

A.M. weaves a rich meditation upon time, sound, being, and being nineteen.

composed and directed by Arnoud Noordegraaf
written by Adrian Hornsby

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Nook is Tim Vincent-Smith’s business of the art of being and doing as Tim Vincent-Smith does and is. Nook projects include seats made out of pianos, beds made out of driftwood trees, trousers made out of ties, and a portrait of Timothy Hornsby as The Nightwatchman painted on a piece of plyboard pulled up from under some Scot’s kitchen floor. This is what nook had to say about itself:

“Martine Bedin designs what she likes, not what the customer wants, because the customer does not know and could never explain, just as she cannot explain what she will do until she has done it. A designer, she thinks, is a sort of peaceful terrorist, who creates what nobody expects, what nobody could forsee: that is the whole point of originality.”
—An Intimate History of Humanity, Theodore Zeldin

See images at or nook’s flickr

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Paravion Press

For months, nay years, we here at Kilometer Zero have been begging – yes, begging – Quinn Comendant to post to the KMZ Microblog. What finally got him up off his Zen California ass and inspired him to put fingers to keys for the Microblog? Paravion Press, the publishing venture launched by Atlantis Books in Greece. Which means it must be pretty damn sensational to make that hippy/flower/organic/tea/bicycle child get up out of his fair trade hammock and post something. So, really, you should check it out:

(And, this is a screenshot of a cover. Dynamic imagery is not our trademark.)


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