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Pianodrome Crowdfunder

This is #Pianodrome. It is one of the most exciting projects I have had the pleasure of taking part in to date and it’s so KMZ. I am very fortunate to have a talented and passionate team of wonderful folk … Continue reading

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Investigate Ethical Investment

I went to Barclays bank today and asked them what their ethical policy was. The lady looked blank. Then a light dawned and she asked did I mean stocks and shares? Her brighter colleague came to her rescue saying that … Continue reading

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Sound Mirror

When you think of a Brimstone missile in flight do you imagine yourself watching from its point of departure, in the sky, or on the ground with the missile coming towards you? Before radar

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Bach’s Squiggle

At the top of the frontispiece of Bach’s infamous series of pieces for keyboard in all 24 keys, C major through B minor, revolutionary in its day and widely credited as being the beginning of Equal Temperament — a system … Continue reading

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Piano Staircase

Two upright pianos were given to me by a man who would usually have paid another man to burn them. My brief was to take a box room as a blank canvas and build into it a staircase sculpture and … Continue reading

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In 1972, psychologist Walter Mischel of Stanford University conducted a study on deferred gratification that has come to be known as the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. A marshmallow was offered to each child. If the child could resist eating the marshmallow, … Continue reading

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Invisible Hand

Announcement: Invisible Hand is an exhibition and residency by Tim Vincent-Smith featuring harmonographic drawing machines, dismantled pianos, live music and the world premiere of Goat Song, a work in progress by Uma Dragon. Thursday 12th April 8pm: Live music and … Continue reading

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