Deepest passion since childhood

Hi Sir,

I have been reading your posts on your website KMZ and learnt that you have programmed for Porn Studios in Budapest.

Sir, I am an indian moving to Budapest to find a job in porn industry as it is my deepest passion since childhood. I am writing to you to know how easy  or difficult is it for a male to get into porn in Budapest.

I would be highly grateful if you could take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule and guide me.

Thanks & Regards


In this email we received last week HM refers to Mechanics of Porn, published in KMZ Issue 03 in 2002. In eleven years this is the only response we’ve received. HM is a diligent man to have found the article – you won’t find it googling ‘porn industry’. It seems appropriate to reply to ask, “So you are a programmer too? Or…?”

Sir, i am happy to receive an email from you. :)

I completely understand the competitive nature of this industry and that countless guys must be trying day in and day out to get into this. Still I have well thought about my intentions and i believe its a mature decision as nothing else in this world excites me. I just want to get in this industry,,may be as an actor or something initially and later on build up from there.(though being a big porn lord will be far away dream)

Though I am not a programmer as am not from software background, but I am an MBA graduate from India, a country where one cant even talk about porn, so I have to move out somewhere to chase my dreams. In hope of getting some guidance and direction, I have written to you.



A mature decision by an MBA graduate from India? Since our original article was somewhat neutral on the ethics of the industry, we took this opportunity to make an assertion with this reply:

Dear friend,

I understand that you come from a sexually repressed country and you think that getting involved in the porn industry will bring you pleasure, power, money and ultimately happiness. But you also come from a country that has given to the world amazing wise men such as Buddha, Krishnamuti, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Gandhi. These men have guided humanity to the greatest potentials we can reach in order to find lasting happiness, all of them have taught that happiness doesn’t come from seeking pleasure from oneself but from respecting and helping others.

As you know, the porn industry is based on exploiting women to gain money from the weaknesses of men, their cravings and lust. Not only women are objectified and their image sold as merchandise, but they are feeding young men with violent images in which women are treated in disrespectful ways and all this is seen as normal. They also use very young girls, which likely contributes to the incidence of the prosecution of men who rape children. I could list hundreds of reasons of why this industry creates suffering and mental afflictions in its actors, the audience, and society at large, but I’d rather encourage you to do some research and analyze what I’m telling you. Pornography is profoundly anti-sex and anti-human, and the complacent mainstream needs to wake up to this reality.

This is an unethical business and I would recommend you not to get involved in it, since you will only waste your life in a pursuit that harms others and will not bring you lasting happiness nor satisfaction.

I encourage you to follow the guidance of the great spiritual leaders of your civilization, and learn to tame your mind, eliminate your cravings, your lust, your thirst for power and fame, and devote your life to help those in need. Your country is filled with people who live in extreme conditions of hunger and illness, you can be one of the great people who devote their time, energies, and mind to find solutions to these problems and alleviate the sufferings of many human beings.

It is true that I myself worked for this industry and have been a consumer, but now I’m mindful of my actions, and I don’t want to guide you into wasting your life in an environment that is so decadent.

May you find genuine happiness and its true causes.

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Quinn joined Kilometer Zero in 2001 and is responsible for identifying and glueing together unnoticed tears in reality. He also operates Strangecode and Wheeled Migration from the safety of metaphorical mountaintops.
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