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About Quinn

Quinn joined Kilometer Zero in 2001 and is responsible for identifying and glueing together unnoticed tears in reality. He also operates Strangecode and Wheeled Migration from the safety of metaphorical mountaintops.

Our Nation’s Keepers

Today is California’s primary election for 2014, including on its ballot a surreal motley of aspirational elects and quaint jesters. On the ballot you will find the indispensable republican businessmen competing for Governor against such hopefuls as a poet, a golf course operator, a ‘psychologist/farmer,’ and a security guard.

The following quotes have been copied verbatim from the list of priorities submitted to elections officials by the candidates…

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Deepest passion since childhood

Hi Sir, I have been reading your posts on your website KMZ and learnt that you have programmed for Porn Studios in Budapest. Sir, I am an indian moving to Budapest to find a job in porn industry as it … Continue reading

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Human sexuality infographics

An attempt at simplifying human relationships by friends after eating bowls of cabbage soup.

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Grizzly faces and fundraisers

Information is Beautiful has a graphic showing just how much more successful Wikipedia’s “personal appeal” banner ad has been over more traditional banners with mere slogans: a lot more. The banner with Jimmy Wales’s grizzly face earned Wikipedia $47,433 per … Continue reading

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Turf Feinz

Some neighborhoods of Oakland California have an apocalyptic demeanor – emptiness, decay, squalor – but instead of zombies they have street dancers. Turfing is an improvised storytelling dance executed with stupefying precision by some of Oakland’s impassioned youth. One group of … Continue reading

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A Blogroll for KMZ

To bring focus to KMZ’s new blog and its wayward authors, I’ve suggested we assemble a list of other blogs we hold in high esteem as examples to follow here. I’ve listed mine below, in no conscious order. Each has … Continue reading

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Anatomical illustrations from Edo-period Japan

Here is a selection of old anatomical illustrations that provide a unique perspective on the evolution of medical knowledge in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868). Pregnancy illustrations, circa 1860 These pregnancy illustrations are from a copy of Ishinhō, the oldest … Continue reading

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Digital Natives

Digital Natives by Duncan Alexander is a satire of Frederic Remington’s The Smoke Signal.

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