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Our Nation’s Keepers

Today is California’s primary election for 2014, including on its ballot a surreal motley of aspirational elects and quaint jesters. On the ballot you will find the indispensable republican businessmen competing for Governor against such hopefuls as a poet, a golf course operator, a ‘psychologist/farmer,’ and a security guard.

The following quotes have been copied verbatim from the list of priorities submitted to elections officials by the candidates…

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Bach’s Squiggle

At the top of the frontispiece of Bach’s infamous series of pieces for keyboard in all 24 keys, C major through B minor, revolutionary in its day and widely credited as being the beginning of Equal Temperament — a system … Continue reading

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Deepest passion since childhood

Hi Sir, I have been reading your posts on your website KMZ and learnt that you have programmed for Porn Studios in Budapest. Sir, I am an indian moving to Budapest to find a job in porn industry as it … Continue reading

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Did I Say The Wrong Thing?

It’s hard not to admire a good simile. They make literature more evocative: ‘Elderly American ladies leaning on their canes listed toward me like towers of Pisa.’ (Nabakov from Lolita.) They add venom to political bite: ‘He looks like a … Continue reading

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Why Tiger Woods Sucks At Golf

Tiger Woods has long been one of the most dominant figures in all of sport. He’s won 71 PGA golf tournaments and an astonishing 14 majors. And thanks to his golfing prowess, he’s earned more than $1 billion in combined … Continue reading

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Axes and Burins

At first I did it with an ax – thin, slight but with weight, sharp, and with a solid easy-swing handle oiled and darkened from relentless swinging. This technique worked, but usually with a great deal of extra effort after … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar Kick Off !

To mark this, the day of the opening of the first door, a few notes about advent calendars: * The term ‘advent calendar’ comes from the Latin ‘adventus’ or ‘coming’, and is a means of counting down the days until … Continue reading

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Ceci N’est Pas un Pipe

Years ago, a Japanese inflight magazine did a series of interviews with writers and publishers set up around the idea of fiction vs. non-fiction. One of the people interviewed  was a publisher of delectable art books featuring nature who maintained … Continue reading

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A Blogroll for KMZ

To bring focus to KMZ’s new blog and its wayward authors, I’ve suggested we assemble a list of other blogs we hold in high esteem as examples to follow here. I’ve listed mine below, in no conscious order. Each has … Continue reading

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