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Ultrashort Short Story: The Holiday

I am in line waiting to collect my tickets from the box office. Ahead of me two blondes in their twenties with pony tails and jeans in boots are talking. I hear a piece of one half of their conversation … Continue reading

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How Cognitive Illusions Can Make You A Better Dancer

The beautiful thing about Daniel Margulies & Chris Sharp’s “Untitled”, which shows a brain listening to the Rite of Spring (see recent post), is the way the movements of Stravinsky’s music, and the floods of purling colours, seem to harmonise … Continue reading

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Untitled (The effect of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and Kant’s 3rd Critique on the human brain: a functional magnetic resonance imaging approach)

from Daniel Margulies & Chris Sharp The brain really is a piece of work. You pump in a supply of glucose and oxygen, and the craziest stuff comes streaming out. Amongst these streams are the works of Stravinsky, Kant’s Critiques, … Continue reading

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The Good Analyst

The Good Analyst is a new book about how a better understanding of social value can create a new set of relationships between society, money, and people’s access to an ok life. Money can be difficult to move around in … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Sylvia

by Martin Lewis I frame this verse, in somewhat antique style, For thee, Miranda open-eyed and bright, The sole lady of thine enchanted isle Now Prospero hath sailed into the night: And both to him, and thee, I offer thanks … Continue reading

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What Zen Is This Koan?

Reading in a book, I came across the following Zen koan: Whenever Gutei Osho was asked about Zen, he simply raised a finger. Once a visitor asked Gutei’s boy attendant, “What does your master teach?” The boy too raised his … Continue reading

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Khamsin Coming: Arab Spring to London Bloom

The seriousness of the recent riots across England has inspired a period of serious reflection. The search for the reasons why has looked instinctively to deep-level problems, with heavy-faced politicians and commentators alike theorising over social deprivation, financial exclusion, latent … Continue reading

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Harmonograph (with an Indian love brick)

A harmonograph is

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‘The Women’ by Martin Lewis

He’d always been his mammy’s boy, So when she died he was devastated. During her last year or so She became increasingly detached From dull, sublunary here and now, Though still always tender to both her men – Adoring and … Continue reading

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On Miró, or, On Us On Miró

There’s a big Miró retrospective on at the Tate at the moment. It’s a fun exhibition, and clearly popular with kids. The paintings are arranged chronologically. The first room and a half works through the typical progression of a young … Continue reading

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