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Let’s Have a Christopher Hitchens Christmas

A festive video for your holiday delight why not? written and directed by Hannah Marie Marcus performed by The Holiday Recording Party House Band (Hannah Marie Marcus, voice, keys; Meg Reichardt, guitar; Kurt Hoffman, clarinet; Paul Watson, trumpet; Ray Parker, … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Way To Love Me

Jason Bogdaneris’ moody movie of Hannah Marcus’ shadowy song, Ain’t No Way To Love Me

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Anything

This is a graph showing global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels over the years 1990-2011 (published in last week’s New Scientist). The curve shows a meandering upwards over the course of the ’90s, gathering in force and momentum along the … Continue reading

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“I like the way you move,” whispered London to Tokyo
. “Yeah right,” Tokyo shot back.

Speech delivered at the House of Lords, London, 16 October 2012, for Vision The trouble is, cities don’t whisper to each other about liking each other’s moves. Quite the opposite — they complain incessantly about congestion. They complain about how … Continue reading

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At Home in the Prison of Song

This is a news story, but of the kind the world lets fall every now and then, that read like parables of indeterminable meaning. Here’s the story. A bird — a parakeet — is found perching on the shoulder of … Continue reading

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Conversations between jumbled farmers and various Cockney types

Conversation between an artichoke farmer and a Cockney serial killer: — Artichoke? — Nah! I find it ’ard t’ let the liyul blighers breave. Conversation between a Japanese soy bean farmer and a jilted Cockney bruiser: — Edamame? — I … Continue reading

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Dante’s Virgil

written by Crow Jane So Virgil and Justin Bieber walk into a bar. Virgil says Give us a couple of lagers. Bartender gives ’em some, there’s a monkey sitting at the end of the bar. Virgil says What’s that damn … Continue reading

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Bacteria—Genome—Baby Boy

The image (see image right) shows a colony of Bacillus subtilis. Each of the little grains is one bacterium, with the striae of colour denoting the various lineages present, which express different fluorescent proteins. Initially the scientists had them all … Continue reading

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Ultrashort Short For Television: Shopping with Friction

Saturday afternoon at Borough Market, London. The marketplace is swarming with young good-looking people clutching oval loaves of stoneground bread, slabs of raw chocolate, violet cauliflower heads etc.. They are all rubbing up against each other as they press through … Continue reading

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Ultrashort Short For Theatre: Sarah

A lower level hall at Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C.. Centre stage is a bench, on which MAN 1 and MAN 2 are seated side by side. They are both English, in their mid-fifties, and are wearing beige trousers with … Continue reading

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