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How Cognitive Illusions Can Make You A Better Dancer

The beautiful thing about Daniel Margulies & Chris Sharp’s “Untitled”, which shows a brain listening to the Rite of Spring (see recent post), is the way the movements of Stravinsky’s music, and the floods of purling colours, seem to harmonise … Continue reading

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Axes and Burins

At first I did it with an ax – thin, slight but with weight, sharp, and with a solid easy-swing handle oiled and darkened from relentless swinging. This technique worked, but usually with a great deal of extra effort after … Continue reading

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Grizzly faces and fundraisers

Information is Beautiful has a graphic showing just how much more successful Wikipedia’s “personal appeal” banner ad has been over more traditional banners with mere slogans: a lot more. The banner with Jimmy Wales’s grizzly face earned Wikipedia $47,433 per … Continue reading

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A Blogroll for KMZ

To bring focus to KMZ’s new blog and its wayward authors, I’ve suggested we assemble a list of other blogs we hold in high esteem as examples to follow here. I’ve listed mine below, in no conscious order. Each has … Continue reading

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Anatomical illustrations from Edo-period Japan

Here is a selection of old anatomical illustrations that provide a unique perspective on the evolution of medical knowledge in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868). Pregnancy illustrations, circa 1860 These pregnancy illustrations are from a copy of Ishinhō, the oldest … Continue reading

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